Connecting Local Cities- Automotive Industry

The Demand for logistics requires determination and excellence to meet the requirements of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. With today’s rising automotive industry, Load King has been up to date with the latest technology and specializes in dealing with this industry’s high demand for goods. With our expert team, here at Load King, our staff is knowledgeable in regards to the standard and protocols which go into each load.

With high demand, Load King Transport provides automotive services connect dedicate lanes throughout local cities in Ontario that offer original service. We are always on time and understand each load is time sensitive.

Connecting Canada-Mexico

We specialize in Load King Transport with locations throughout Mexico. Your shipments stay well insured and equipped with current technology and GPS tracking. With our locations in Mexico, we have warehouse facilities and secure security for your goods. Our partner network there allows us to service all major centers in Mexico across various industries including:

  • Automotive parts (specialize in this sector)
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Retail Electronics & Apparel
  • Appliances & Furniture

At Load King, our team is experienced and are well aware of all required documentation and clearance procedures for your products that are coming in and out of Mexico. Book your next shipment with one of our team members at Load King!